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About soocasa

For realtors looking for non-traditional financing for their clients, soocasa is an alternative financing platform that creates lease-option programs. Unlike losing your client, and your investment, to an expired listing, you create lease-option deals that generate monthly revenue, and defer commissions till a later date.

Beta Testers

We are looking for Realtors willing to beta test our platform with us. You will get a head start on your competition, learning a new way to help home owners sell their homes, and give new home buyers additional options to build their future. We are limiting the number of testers to a few per region, so spots will be limited. As a thank you, beta testers will receive early access, lifelong discounted subscription rates, and other offers only available to our beta test partners. If you are interested, add your email below, and press "Beta Launch Sign Up". We will contact you in the next few days to go over the next steps.

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Save Listings

Our platform will allow realtors to offer additional sale options to home owners, making lost listing less likely.

Build Relationships

Our solution allows realtors to build long lasting relationships with both buyers and sellers.

Lender Approved

Our program exits are pre-approved by traditional lenders.