Branding Your Business (Imported)

Successful businesses stand out from the crowd. In this course you will learn how to identify your product's 'personality' and create a brand around it.

Credit Builder Course (Imported)

Many people get into financial trouble because they have not had the chance to learn how to create and stick with a budget. When your goal is home-ownership, you need to learn these skills and several more besides, to get the mortgage you need.

Internet Marketing (Imported)

Internet marketing is essential to help you relate to your market, publicize your product, complete your sales cycle and get the feedback you need from your customers.

Investing in Lease Options for Realtors (Imported)

Lease Options are a good investment choice if you would like a quick turn-around on your money. They are also a relatively stress-less addition to a real estate portfolio.

Lease Options for Realtors (Imported)

Every year, real estate opportunities are lost because listings lapse, or would-be buyers can't get mortgage approval. Lease Option Agreements are a way to resolve both situations. Realtors will learn how to create and manage ethical, robust agreements so that buyers, sellers and realtors achieve the rewards of a successful closing at the end of the agreement term.

Lease Options for Sellers (Imported)

Lease Options for Sellers will educate sellers about what a lease option does, what all the parties to a lease option are agreeing to, how buyers and sellers are 'qualified' (vetted) to participate in a lease option program and how the purchase price of a property is calculated.

Lease Options for Tenant-buyers (Imported)

Lease Options for Tenant-buyers will educate tenant-buyers about what a lease option does, what all the parties to a lease option are agreeing to, why 'vetting' is important, how purchase price and monthly rent are calculated and how to prepare for life after closing day.

Marketing and Business Plans (Imported)

Before you go to market, you need to create a marketing plan to clarify your purpose and guide you through the process, and a business plan to convince investors you know what you are doing

Property Management for Realtors (Imported)

If you want to retain control of the processes of investment property management, you need to acquire a new knowledge base and a new set of skills. Why re-invent the wheel? This course provides the nuts and bolts - you just have to add the initiative and energy to keep up!

Website Design Principles (Imported)

Website Design Principles provides learners with the opportunity to learn how to identify the factors of a good website and to storyboard their own website.